Craig O’Shannessy spent more than 15 years weighing up the value of installing a solar system on his family home. While keen to reduce his power bills, the timeframe required to recoup the initial investment was never attractive enough, until recently. 

“In the past the return-on-investment just wasn’t there. It would have taken eight years to make the cost back and that was too long for me,” says Mr O’Shannessy. “But now that ROI has come right down. I will recoup my spend in close to three years now and I couldn’t be happier with the results we are seeing.”

Mr O’Shannessy chose One Power to instal an 8.2KW system comprising 25 solar panels and an 8KW inverter on his Brisbane home last year. The benefits were immediate. The family received a credit in their first month and that trend continued with only two energy bills issued in the last 12 months. 

“The results have been fantastic. As good as I’d hoped and better than I’d expected. These last two months over summer are the only time we’ve had a bill. We are always getting a credit,” he says. “We have a pool, ducted air conditioning, two kids and a four-bedroom house. We tick all the boxes for someone a power company would normally love!”.

The family’s average energy bills before installing solar were $280 per month. This compares to two $70 bills and 10 monthly credits of between $35 (at the lowest) and $75 (at the highest) in the year since installing their One Power system. That equates to an annual saving of over $2600.

Mr O’Shannessy is quick to point out that not all solar systems are created equal. He recommends anyone considering the move to solar invest time understanding the different products available. He credits the time he invested researching the market with helping him achieve the great results his family are enjoying today. “Don’t just pay attention to the price. The key is choosing a trustworthy provider using a quality product. The product itself makes a big difference. That is one of the things that gave me great confidence in One Power, knowing they use high quality products,” he says.  

Trust, longevity and customer support were also important factors in his decision to choose One Power. Mr O’Shannessy said it was clear from his first conversation with Senior Sales Consultant Rob Hunt, that the team operated with integrity and would be around after installation to provide support. “The experience has been brilliant in every way. From the initial engagement right through. It was clear from the outset that Rob was genuine and had great knowledge of the product and industry. The installation team were also very honest and trustworthy.”

Peace of mind also came from One Power’s quality guarantees. Every One Power solar system comes with a minimum 10-year product warranty, 25-year performance guarantee and 10-year workmanship warranty. “That was a standout difference from other providers and Rob gave me the confidence that the company stands by these guarantees,” says Mr O’Shannessy.

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