Like so many people, Lydia Matthews found herself facing soaring power bills during lockdown. With three adults in the house, two working from home, her family were consuming more power than ever before. But there was no additional income flowing in to cover the rising costs. 

“We have always been quite green in terms of thinking solar was the way to go. But when we saw the big increase in our energy bills during COVID we decided we needed to look at it in more detail. Our bills were still climbing significantly despite being on a good deal with our provider. Something had to change,” says Lydia. 

Choosing a trustworthy supplier was Lydia’s biggest concern. Her son works in the electrical industry and had warned her about ‘dodgy’ operators with poor quality products. Those with a reputation for disappearing when something goes wrong. 

Lydia’s daughter-in-law recommended One Power after her own positive experience with the company. “I spoke with one company who was cheaper but their sales team were really pushy and aggressive. They were calling me all the time. I was worried they wouldn’t be around or helpful if something went wrong,” says Lydia. “My daughter-in-law was raving about Oli from One Power so I decided to at least get a quote. It was more than the other company but Oli was so thorough in his capacity to explain things that I knew it was the right choice.”

Oli McKay, One Powers’ Solar Specialist took the time to sit down with Lydia to talk through her questions. He also explained how the solar system could be evolved over time. This was important for Lydia and her husband who are now both retirees. Investing in solar was a big decision and they needed to see the payoff. Oli helped them get clear on how the system would return their investment and what their future bills could look like. He also explained that One Power operates its own workforce, giving the company full control of its workmanship, support and after-sales service. Nothing is passed on to subcontracts who are not invested in each customer’s experience. This gave the couple great confidence and peace of mind.

The results achieved by One Powers’ solar system have astounded Lydia. 

She has not paid a single cent in power bills since installing the system in June 2021. Before this, her bills were up to $600 per quarter. “I thought there might be a mistake, so I called Oli to check everything was alright, as all of the bills have been $0,” she says. “We are elated when he confirmed everything was correct.”

The team installed a 6.6kW in the Matthews’ three-bedroom townhouse in Ettalong Beach.

Lydia says there is no question the investment in solar panels is worth it. “We didn’t have that kind of money lying around. We had to put it on our mortgage. But when you do the math and see how quickly it will pay for itself via the reduced bills, it’s clear it is the right decision. We recommend One Power to anyone considering Solar.”

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