Solar has always been high on Alex and Brendan Gilles’ wish list. The environmental and lifestyle benefits were front and centre when the couple planned the purchase of their new home in Rutherford. 

“Solar was a priority for us from the start. So much so that I worked the cost into the home loan,” says Mrs Gilles. “I like the idea of being off the grid in the future and being more sustainable in the way we live right now.”

Choosing the right system was also important. Mrs Gilles, a self-confessed researcher, invested a lot of time in understanding the solar market and the difference in the quality of the systems available. “I quickly learned a lot about the difference between the top tier panels and others, and why you want to go with the top tier,” she says.

Word-of-mouth recommendations led the Gilles‘ to One Power, where they invested in a 13.2kW system made up from 40 panels. They couldn’t be happier with the results.

The couple has not received a power bill for their four-bedroom, two-bathroom property with ducted heating and cooling since installing their solar system around 18 months ago. Instead, they are enjoying quarterly reimbursements. Those reimbursements have ranged from $58 up to $378.

When it comes to rating the customer experience, Mrs Gilles also gives One Power high marks. Having worked in retail for many years she describes herself as a tough judge. She ranks the presentation of important information and the quality, and type of customer service, as being at the top of her list. 

“I like to be able to sit down and talk through the information with someone. I’m a bit old school like that,” she says. “One Power’s handouts were great and Chris from their team was excellent. He came out to do the quote and sat with me for at least an hour and a half and answered every question I had. I also liked that on the few occasions he didn’t know the answer he made a call straight away and got the answer for me.”

The One Power team also showed their flexibility when the crew onsite needed to adjust the original layout planned for the solar system on the couple’s shed roof. The available space turned out to be smaller than expected. The team adapted several panels to find a solution that allowed for the job to continue on the day and a great outcome to be realised.

When asked if she recommends One Power, Mrs Gilles response is a quick yes. In fact, she already has. Her father-in-law is now getting a solar system with One Power following their positive experience. “It was fast, easy, great service and great communication all the way along,” she says. “On the quoting side, I also like that they underestimated the savings we would realise. They based the savings on the average, not the highest savings possible. While they promised the average, we are getting much better than that.”

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