How solar panels work on cloudy days, low light, rain, night.

Curious about how solar panels work under different lighting conditions? One Power Solar Director Sean Barry breaks it down for you with short, simple answers.

One Power Solar’s technical director Sean Barry shares his formula for working out whether solar panels will save you money on your electricity bills.

The number one question people want to know when it comes to weighing up whether solar is worth it in Australia is: will solar panels save me money?

How solar saved Shirley more than $1650 in the first year!

I can’t afford to have bills like that. I’m only on the pension so everything counts for me. I have to look at ways to save money and think a bit smarter.

Considering solar? Make sense of your power bill first!

A thorough review of your power bill is key to not only understanding where the potential savings lie, but also in designing a solar solution that suits your...

Solar Panel & Battery Storage Rebates In 2019

All this considered, 2019 is as good a time as any to consider a solar power system while there is a certain opportunity to claim the rebate and start savi...

Merry Christmas!

This year, One Power Solar, were looking to give back to the community.

Historic Maitland restaurant powered by One Power Solar

Earlier this year the One Power team was tasked to design a solar system that would reduce the cost of powering the restaurant from a renewable energy source...

Solar made simple: Your 10 Top 10 questions answered by Sean Barry!

To save your time and sanity, we’ve put together the Top 10 most-asked questions to simplify this process for anyone who is new to solar and feeling overwhel...

2018 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards recognise One Power Solar’s growth and innovation

When opportunity knocks, James Strathdee answers. And it’s a strategy that continues to pay off for the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Common Questions For Solar Buyers

We sit down with the highly knowledgeable Sean Barry, Technical Director to go through a few common questions solar buyers have.
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